About our Company

INTERTRADE PCo is a sales and service – repair organization to international
as well as local shipping, shipyards and repair workshops for machinery and accessories.
INTERTRADE PCo represents the following manufacturers:

  1. CHESTERTON Marine
    U.S. manufacturers of mechanical packings and gaskets, mechanical seals,  cartridge and split type and gas seals. Solvents, Cleaners, Polymer Ceramic Composites  ARC (Advanced Reinforced Composites) and Hydraulic Sealing Devices.
  2. Eisenwerke Reintjes GmbH
    German manufacturer of marine reduction gears and reversing – reduction gears up to 30.000 kW.
  3. Dr. E. Horn GmbH
    German manufacturer of measuring instruments and Monitoring Systems. Bearing Distance & Temperature for 2-stroke main diesel engines and 4-stroke Crankcase Protection System for auxiliary diesel engines. Cylinder pressure leakages measurement system, Cylinder liner temperature monitoring system.
  4. Van Voorden Gieterj BV
    Dutch manufacturer of fixed pitch propellers, propeller nozzles and complete propeller shaft systems.
  5. SPW
    German manufacturer of VARIPROP, VARIFOLD and VARIPROFILE folding and feathering propellers for sailing boats and yachts.

INTERTRADE PCo also sells worldwide spare parts for diesel engines DEUTZ, MWM, MAK, CUMMINS, STORK, VULKAN flexible couplings, SIMPLEX stern tube seals and CUMMINS engines repair services worldwide.