SPW was founded in 1988 by Mr Horst Hübner and currently employs a staff of 23. In January 2004 the reins were handed over to the next generation, Mr Jörg Adamczyk and Ms Claudia Adamczyk, who have both already enjoyed many years of success with the company.

The core business of our company is the development, design and construction of boat propellers. Besides our own developments, VARIPROP and VARIFOLD, we also manufacture propellers under licence. We also sell fixed-pitch propellers, both from our own production facilities and as trade goods.

In addition to propellers, our range includes shaft seals as trade goods, boat shafts within the marine equipment sector, and we also manufacture high-quality turned and milled parts for other industries. For this, as for propellers, we use our own design worksheets that are drawn up to customer specification.    

We have also been steadily cultivating our foreign relations in recent years; we now have dealers in South and Central America, Canada, England, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

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