Van Voorden Gieterj BV

Van Voorden Castings were established 1912 and are specialised in the production of high- grade industrial castings such as pump casings, double-walled pipelines, impellers and wear- resistant parts. Almost the entire global dredging fleet uses our products. We also design and manufacture ship propellers, nozzles and super yacht propellers. Our activities are divided into four segments:

  • Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Maritime
  • Service & repair

Specialist in the area of complex castings

Van Voorden Castings are a specialist in the manufacture and optimisation of complex castings. We are continuously looking for new investment in personnel and material so that we can respond to the wishes of our customers.

Hand-shaped moulds are used for the industrial castings. Our hand-shaping department uses very high-quality casting models and the propeller moulds are milled out of sand.

  • Our engineering department designs the casting and feeding systems that are vital for the final quality of the casting.
  • For casting, we have six induction melting furnaces with a maximum melting capacity of 37,000 kg. For optimum casting we set very high standards with regard to all the alloy elements required.
  • The grinding and deburring department is equipped with a modern automatic sandblast cabinet and a Andromat manipulator. Further deburring and finishing to obtain the correct surface quality is mainly carried out manually.
  • Heat treatment is required to obtain the right mechanical properties. We have a computer-controlled furnace with a capacity up to 1200oC. To obtain the required mechanical properties, after heating up cooling down takes place in a controlled environment.
  • The finishing touches are carried out in our turning and grinding department and the products are machined to obtain the final measurements of specification.
  • Before the castings are dispatched, a detailed final check is carried out so that strict classification demands or required accuracy can be guaranteed.

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